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Chinese phonetic list . 2014.

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  • 保持 — bǎochí (1) [keep]∶维持某种状态使不消失或减弱 保持安静 (2) [remain]∶维持 保持中立 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • 抱持 — bàochí [clasp; embrace; hold fast] 搂抱, 抱住 卫律惊, 自抱持武。 《汉书·李广苏建传》 …   Advanced Chinese dictionary

  • People's Action Party of Vietnam — The People s Action Party of Vietnam (PAP), (Vietnamese: Đảng Nhân Dân Hành Động Việt Nam), is an Vietnamese exile anti communist organization that is based in the United States. The organization is led by Chairman Nguyen Si Binh and Vice… …   Wikipedia

  • Hainan Province Paracels, Spratlys, and Zhongsha Islands Authority — The Hainan Province Paracels, Spratlys, and Zhongsha Islands Authority ( zh. 海南省西沙群岛、南沙群岛、中沙群岛办事处) or the Paracels Authority (西沙办) is a county level political subdivision of China under Hainan Province. It exercises political sovereignty, both… …   Wikipedia

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  • List of Chinese monarchs — Emperor Shun – a mural painting from the Han Dynasty‎ The following list of Chinese monarchs is in no way comprehensive. From the Shang Dynasty to the Qin Dynasty, rulers usually held the title King (Chinese: 王 Wáng). With the division of… …   Wikipedia

  • International reactions to the 2006 North Korean nuclear test — were nearly unanimous in their condemnation and denunciation of the test. Africa*flag|Egypt: The Egyptian Foreign Ministry expressed its concern over the test and called for all parties to exercise restraint and to return to the Six Party Talks.… …   Wikipedia

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  • Dienststelle der Xisha-, Nansha- und Zhongsha-Inseln — Die Dienststelle der Xisha , Nansha und Zhongsha Inseln (西南中沙群岛办事处 Xi Nan Zhongsha Qundao banshichu) auf Hainan ist auf Kreisebene direkt der Provinzregierung von Hainan unterstellt. Es handelt sich dabei um die chinesische Verwaltung der… …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • Шестнадцать варварских государств — История Китая Доисторическая эпоха Три властителя и пять императоров …   Википедия

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